At a young age Marco had a fascination with the arts, which soon after led him to discover his creative outlet in painting and in sculpting. His curiosity in finding different mediums and canvases to play with put him in the path to later discovering the art of makeup. Upon entering the makeup industry at the age of 19, Marco realized his innate talent and has since established himself in both Los Angeles and New York working with some of the best artists in the industry. Such as, being first assistant to Romy Soleimani at The WallGroup, and working on Fashion Shows with Mary Greenwell.

While constantly expanding his creative knowledge, Marco finds inspiration in many different ways; classical paintings, old photography, or even bouncing ideas around with his colleagues. His understanding of various textures and his attention to detail gives Marco the unique ability to create beautiful and striking makeup applications.

+1 714. 474.4245
NYC, New York